What’s Inside the Program?

THE FINANCIALLY FIT PERSONAL PROGRAM – The 7 Steps – are taught in 12 courses and 33 exercises that are designed for you to go at your own pace. It may take you a few months or a year to complete the entire program – it’s up to you and how much time you have to put into completing the courses. As you go through each course, spend the time you need to reflect and get the most out of each course.


The Curriculum

THE CURRICULUM IS BROKEN DOWN into 12 learning and action courses. Each course contains reading assignments, information, exercises, activities, videos, and learning experiences designed to help you apply the Financially Fit principles into your life. It’s helpful to think about how the information and activities apply to your situation and discuss areas of particular interest with your coach. You and our coaching team will develop a rapport as you work together that will result in great achievement on your part.

AS YOU STUDY AND APPLY THESE PRINCIPLES and make them your own, changes in your behavior and attitudes will come naturally. Depending on your previous experience and level of expertise and understanding, you may not need to spend equal time on studying each course. Remember, one course does not necessarily equal one session. You may spend more or less time on a course based on your personal understanding and circumstances. Focus on those activities that will help you meet your wealth vision and objectives.

Course Information


Personal Program Orientation

Course Section 2

Course Section 3

Course Section 4

Course Section 5

Course Section 6

Course Section 7

Course Section 8

Course Section 9

Course Section 10

Course Section 11

Course Section 12