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Here's what the

Financially Fit Personal Program is

and how it works:


World Class Financial Education

FINANCIALLY FIT IS COMMITTED to providing world class financial education.This is where you will learn powerful, time-tested principles that will help you achieve financial and personal success. Ultimately, this course is designed to help you change the way you feel, think, and act about money while also providing tools to help you reach your personal financial goals.


Coaching and Support

WE HAVE TEAMS WHO ARE SOLELY COMMITTED to your advancement and success all without the pressure to sell or make a commission for helping you. Each and every coach is excited to assist you in any way they can. So be sure to contact them if and when you run in to any issues or have a question. 


A Proven Program

FINANCIALLY FIT HAS BEEN HELPING PEOPLE GET FINANCIALLY HEALTHY for almost 20 years. We have been helping people learn exactly what you are going to learn as you engage in this course. In addition to the program, our amazing coaching team will help you stay focused and accountable so that you can put these principles and methods into action. You will work closely with our coaching team as you complete the assignments and courses to ensure you're getting the most out of what we have to offer.


What's Inside the Program?

THE FINANCIALLY FIT PERSONAL PROGRAM - The 7 Steps - are taught in 12 courses and 33 exercises that are designed for you to go at your own pace. It may take you a few months or a year to complete the entire program - it's up to you and how much time you have to put into completing the courses. As you go through each course, spend the time you need to reflect and get the most out of each course.


The Curriculum

THE CURRICULUM IS BROKEN DOWN into 12 learning and action courses. Each course contains reading assignments, information, exercises, activities, videos, and learning experiences designed to help you apply the Financially Fit principles into your life. It's helpful to think about how the information and activities apply to your situation and discuss areas of particular interest with your coach. You and our coaching team will develop a rapport as you work together that will result in great achievement on your part.

AS YOU STUDY AND APPLY THESE PRINCIPLES and make them your own, changes in your behavior and attitudes will come naturally. Depending on your previous experience and level of expertise and understanding, you may not need to spend equal time on studying each course. Remember, one course does not necessarily equal one session. You may spend more or less time on a course based on your personal understanding and circumstances. Focus on those activities that will help you meet your wealth vision and objectives.


Coaching Methodology

AT FINANCIALLY FIT, WE WORK FOR YOU - NOT FOR A COMMISSION. Because of this, we are a non-biased resource for you. You now have a partnership that is 100% invested in your success. In those areas of your life where you already know what you want to be doing, our coaching team can support you and hold you accountable to moving forward.

In those areas of your life where you're not certain of your next step, our coaches can help you discover the what, why, and how so that you can choose the steps that could work best on your behalf.


Have you ever had a coach that can

help you get through the tough times?


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Or when you may need a bit of direction?



It's our job to help you!

 The Financially Fit Coaches have 5 Areas of Focus:


AREA OF FOCUS #1: The coaches work behind the scenes to help you reach new levels of understanding and excellence. The process of coaching teaches, encourages, and allows the opportunity for you to apply and internalize what you have learned.

AREA OF FOCUS #2: The coaches are here to help you learn the important principles of this program, but also to listen to your needs and desires.

AREA OF FOCUS #3: The coaches will teach you, challenge you and hold you accountable. 

AREA OF FOCUS #4: The coaches will help you discover the internal motivation you need to continue forward.

AREA OF FOCUS #5: The coaches will draw upon a wealth of personal experience and insights gained by working with numerous other participants.  They will also share their own experiences to help you create a higher road towards the way you embrace wealth and when new challenges arise. 


 We genuinely care about your success!



Scheduled Calls

YOU WILL MEET WITH OUR COACHING TEAM VIA PHONE CALLS, over a series of regularly scheduled half-hour sessions, at least once a month. During these sessions, principles are discussed, questions are talked through, and assignments are agreed upon. Additionally, previous assignments are reviewed to ensure proper completion and understanding.

You are responsible 

to schedule your monthly call.


SESSIONS ARE DESIGNED TO ALLOW YOU AN OPPORTUNITY to report on the previous months' experiences, identify something new to work on, and then commit to a new behavior or approach based on new learnings. Over time, the coaching process is repeated in a way that is unique and personalized to you that builds accountability, creates change, and generates in you a sense of confidence in using emerging skills. Schedule your coaching sessions at this link: https://goo.gl/myimAi


Coaching Interaction

WITH A COACH, IT'S ALL ABOUT DOING. Coaching moves beyond merely dispensing information to actual implementation. Many people know what to do, but few actually do it.


As knowledge is absorbed,

questions such as this will be asked: 

“What have you done differently

as a result of what you have learned?”


Remember, all the information or knowledge

in the world will NOT benefit you

until it is implemented.  



COACHING IS DESIGNED TO HELP YOU positively change the way you feel, think, and act when it comes to wealth and the success you desire. To create the success you want through this partnership, you must make an unwavering commitment to your own success and remain committed to completing that which you begin.



ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS OF YOUR COACH is to hold you accountable for the completion and understanding of assignments and activities that will lead you closer to success.  Through this accountability factor, you will move from mere theory to application, thus establishing new behavior patterns and effecting the desired change.  Accountability starts once you sign the Wealth Commitment.

CHANGE AND ACHIEVEMENT IS FACILITATED through one-on-one interaction with our coaching team. You will participate with the curriculum and enjoy webinars along with other resources to assist in the learning process all along the way. A coach is an empowerment agent, working as a mentor, instructor, motivator, and cheerleader.  


Interested in a few MORE THINGS you should know?


You Can Accelerate Your Success

A TRULY POWERFUL COACHING EXPERIENCE TAKES YOU THROUGH A "CYCLE OF CHANGE" in the way you feel, think, and act about money. It can be repeated time and again as you gain new skills through practice and application, raising your confidence to higher and higher levels. Learning requires time for you to process the information received, and then to determine how you will apply it. You can always circle back around and enjoy the principles over again later.


BE AWARE THAT IT MAY TAKE MORE THAN ONE SESSION TO COMPLETE A COURSE. Depending on the time and focus you can give, your pace may vary. As you begin to work through your customized coaching program, we want to make sure that we lay the foundation for you the first time through. 


Here are some keys. 



 Here are 7 Keys to Accelerate Your Success: 


SUCCESS KEY #1:  Don't delay. Schedule your first coaching call.   CLICK HERE

SUCCESS KEY #2:  Make each session a priority and be on time for your scheduled coaching session.

SUCCESS KEY #3:  Be mentally available and do your best to be in a quiet space where you have little or no distractions.

SUCCESS KEY #4:  Communicate open and freely and help your coach get to know you and your needs as you go through each course.

SUCCESS KEY #5:  Enjoy this coaching partnership that is focused on you and your needs. It also focuses on your wealth vision, dreams and goals. 

SUCCESS KEY #6:  Expect success! You will experience great success as you approach the experiences of the program positively and enthusiastically.

SUCCESS Key #7:  Remember to call a Fin Fit All-Star!

WHEN YOU HAVE A QUESTION or if you get stuck - Remember to call a friendly Financially Fit All-Star!  They will help you get scheduled with a coach, navigate through The Tribe, or help you with your account. 

It's our job to help you!


The Financially Fit All-Stars' 3 Areas of Focus:


AREA OF FOCUS #1: All-Stars bring a whole lot of heart to brighten your day. They are here to make you feel welcome and to help you get the answers you are looking for. 

AREA OF FOCUS #2: All-Stars will help you make the most of your time in the Financially Fit Community - The Tribe, and when you are working with the coaches and mentors. 

AREA OF FOCUS #3: All-Stars are here to help you reach your personal financial fitness goals by guiding you to a variety of Financially Fit resources.



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